Student Spotlight Samantha Harper

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photo of Sam Harper. photo courtesy of Sam Harper.

photo of Sam Harper. photo courtesy of Sam Harper.

Meet Samantha (Sam) Harper a freshmen here at Snow College. Sam is studying psychology and wants to peruse a career in the counseling field. She is from Spanish Fork and graduated from Spanish Fork High School. One thing Sam loves about Snow is the small campus, “It’s very cutie”. Sam’s favorite color is blue, her favorite food is spaghetti and her favorite dessert is mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Sam’s favorite things to do are swimming, singing, and hanging with her friends. She shares her talent to sing by participating in Ephraim Institute Singers. She keeps up with her love for swimming by taking swim classes here at Snow.

Sam loves Harry Potter; she has read all the books and has seen all the movies. If she were attending Hogwarts right now she would want to be in Gryffindor. “Gryffindor has all the best people.”

Sam grew up watching Disney Channel and loves the Disney T.V. shows that she grew up with. If she could bring back one of those T.V. shows it would be Kim Possible. “Kim Possible was my life; I have it on DVD and still watch it.”

Sam’s favorite Disney princess in Rapunzel. She loves Rapunzel because she has dreams and goes after them and doesn’t let anyone stand in her way. In a wrestling match between the Disney princesses Sam thinks Rapunzel would win. Sam said “Rapunzel would win because her hair dominates everything and she has a frying pan.”

If she could be any kitchen appliance it would be a toaster. “I would be a toaster because I brighten everyone’s day”.  Her favorite quote is “I can do hard things.” she loves this quote because it’s a great life motto.

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