Students Check Out Club Rush

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While some students flocked to the Plaza and GSC to check out the wide collection of free food, many students found clubs that sparked their interests and encouraged them to become more involved.

On September 25 and 26, club representatives set up booths, arranged incentives like candy and posters and posted sign-up sheets to lure students over. Whether you were looking for a club to cure your boredom, complete your resume, or simply to spark a new passion, you looked no further.

David Dickinson, Communications Club advisor and avid club promoter, said “If you have a passion for film but you can’t commit to a class, that’s what we’re here for; we support that.”

Club Rush presented opportunities for students to feed their existing passion or spark up a new one. Clubs varied from gaming clubs such as League of Legends to dancing clubs such as Western Swing; every student found their niche. As well as recreational based clubs, Club Rush also presented opportunities for students to get more involved with academics and service.

Liz Anderson, Business Club President, said “Clubs like Business Club will better prepare you for your future, regardless of what your major is.” Academic clubs such as Business Club, Engineering Club, and Psychology Club allow students to learn and experiment with the world around them.

Being involved in clubs that recognize all ethnicities is also important for everyone to feel more united and acquainted with the world around them. Cultural clubs were displayed at Club Rush such as the Black Student Union, Multicultural Club and International Club.

Regardless of size or purpose, all of the clubs benefit people and try to achieve one similar goal-goodness. As a result of extracurricular involvement, students develop stronger relationships with fellow students while discovering talents and possibilities within themselves.

If you would like more information regarding club involvement and information go to the Student Clubs page within the Student Life section on Snow College’s website.

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