Students Gather For True Badger Night

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A couple enjoys a kiss during True Badger Night.  Photo by Brynnlee Nelson

A couple enjoys a kiss during True Badger Night. Photo by Brynnlee Nelson

True Badger Night is a tradition that is done during a full moon each semester.

“It seems like a big deal here on campus,” said D.J. Harris, a student at Snow College.  “I like that Snow College, even though it’s a junior college, has a campus feel to it.”

Many colleges have traditions that are similar to True Badger Night, but for Snow College, the tradition is meeting under the bell tower and kissing at midnight. This kind of tradition may seem strange to some freshmen, because it is an activity that would not be allowed in the high schools they previously attended.

Both couples and single students attend True Badger Night, as it can be a special moment for couples or a challenge for how many people one person can kiss for those who are not in a relationship. Before meeting at the bell tower, there is a dance at the Activity Center.

Most of the students who attended True Badger Night did not kiss at midnight, as there was some confusion because the bell tower was currently out of service.

At midnight, there was a sound that signaled the beginning of True Badger Night, but many students did not hear it or misunderstood its meaning.

For decorations, there were lights strung from the bell tower and candles lining the path from the Activity Center, where the dance was.

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