Student’s React to Snow’s Much Ado About Nothing

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Drama, romance, and humor—Snow College’s Much Ado About Nothing kept students intrigued and laughing to the end.

Jenessa Ruoho, long time attendee of Snow College’s plays, said about her experience, “I never really experienced Shakespeare, so I didn’t know what to expect regarding language—I heard he was difficult to understand. But I felt like the actors did a really good job in using their body language to move past that language barrier for some people.”

The actors did a phenomenal job in their acting. The auditorium was roaring with laughter most of the time, and close to tears in those few special scenes.

Alexandria Brown, theater enthusiast and freshman said, “I really liked the mood that the performers set. Their facial expressions, their acting, how well they covered up when they made a mistake. For the first time seeing Much Ado About Nothing, I went and saw it three times. It was magnificent and it left me in awe.”

There was much appreciation over those things that aren’t usually recognized in the play—those things the stage crew sees over.

Savannah Noorlander, freshman here at Snow, said, “They did really good with the set-up and the lighting was fantastic! I could tell the costuming was from the right era and they didn’t just run to the thrift store.”

Students are looking forward to Snow’s next play The Cripple of Inishmaan which will be held November 16-19, 2016.

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