Students Unite at Homecoming Tailgate Party

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Snow cheerleaders help put temporary tattoos on students' cheeks at the tailgate party.  Photo by Brynnlee Nelson.

Snow cheerleaders help put temporary tattoos on students’ cheeks at the tailgate party. Photo by Brynnlee Nelson.

After an eventful week full of homecoming activities, students, alumni, and the community got excited for the big homecoming football game by attending the tailgate party. Everyone gathered at Snow College’s practice field and participated in games, ate food, and gained more school spirit.

In the past, the coordinators had the community pay for the bounce houses and food. This year they decided to have the tailgate party open to the community for free. “It’s been a great turn out, one of the biggest ones in about four years.” explained Michelle, the advisor over the SBA’s.

The crowds gathered and ate hot dogs and cotton candy. There were bounce houses that included many students and children. Cheerleaders painted faces and applied tattoos for the students, so they could show extra Badger pride. This event unified a lot of our student body and got them fired up for the game!

The tailgate had some very special guests who have a unique pride towards Snow College: the 1975 football alumni and Golden Badgers! Ernest Denison, a Golden Badger, shared his insight on how it feels to be back at Snow after so many years. “Feels so different, campus is so different, but it’s a wonderful place to be.”

Denison was one of the earliest registered students at Snow College and went to school here back in 1945. He was the oldest alumni who came to the reunion. “There are more students now than the whole town had back then!” recalled Denison.

Ken Kunz, a fellow alumni, also came to the tailgate. Kunz came to Snow back in 1963, and he was Buster the Badger. At the tailgate he and the current Buster bonded. Over time, Buster’s appearance has improved; back when Kunz was Buster, his head was made out of paper maché.

All of the alumni were able to bond throughout the day. The tailgate party brought the community together with the students to get excited for the football game. Everyone who showed up to the event was very interactive in all of the activities, and there was an area of interest for everyone.

Dallin Davis, a freshman at Snow, shared how he felt about the tailgate, “When I first got here, there was such a good vibe! I got way pumped about the game and I really enjoyed it because I got some nice cotton candy.”

Student leaders and other helpers were very satisfied with how well the tailgate went. Overall, the event was very inclusive and was able to create an atmosphere where the community, past students, and current students could unify for one purpose: Snow College Badgers!

The badgers ended up winning the homecoming game 24-0; a great end to a great day.

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