Students Wishes for Snow College

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More events with free dinner- Sylvia Whitlocks

More dances with less remix/dubstep- Madelina Allen

Closer tennis courts- Mary Royer

Less grinding at the dances- Alison Barlow

More activities- Kevin Guaman

More game nights- Logan Hill& Colton Mahoney

Foam pit in the GSC- Joey Carlise

Bounce house- Nelson Campbell

Elementary Education major- Jessica Jacobsen

More practice rooms in the Eccles building- Melanie Gunderson

Better gym in the AC- Justin Clark

Football stadium lights- Weston Sims & Angie Arnoldsen

An Animal Club- Keonie Balaszi

More free food- Seth Carter

Swim Team- Lakyn Smith

Donuts every Monday at the Bell Tower- Bryce Sorensen

More study abroad programs- Abby Dustin

German Language classes- Mariah Cryder

Air conditioning in Castelleja Hall- Heather Jones

Unicorns and Pegasi around campus- McKade Miles

Golf Team- Robert Stoddard

Track Team- Tanner Neilson

Better track and a cross country team- Mallerie Bocenegra

A bigger male to female ratio- Sydnee Henrie

Four-year math education program- Brooke Smith

Interior Design Program- Abby Walker

More married housing- Dallin Shields

Abby Walker hopes her Snow College Wish comes true.

Abby Walker hopes her Snow College Wish comes true.

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