Suicide Prevention Day

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Suicide is the topic to be discussed on Snow College campus today.  Robin Williams’s recent death is an example. September 10 is the day for the nation to recognize Suicide Prevention Day; Snow College is hosting a day of HOPE which stands for (Hold Onto Positive Emotions) we can all share for Suicide Prevention Day.

“This is a day designed to encourage thoughts that are uplifting and positive,” said Carra Ward who is in-charge of suicide prevention for Snow College, “We all too often try to fix the problem, but we need to listen first.”

The program today takes place in the plaza in front of the library between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The activity Games, free t-shirts, and other activities to build relationships among the Snow College students will be available to students.

Worldwide, a suicide happens once every hour and 48 minutes for the ages between 10 and 24. Nationwide, a person dies by suicide every 18 minutes. The rate is increasing.   In 2010, a suicide happened every 2 hours and 11 min.

Ward continued, “The hope this year is to increase communication among all who feel either quiet and shy or outgoing and positive to get to know each other and help each other out. This is a campaign to make friendships and provide a safe place to express feelings, all centered on the HOPE idea.”

The Snow College website under the counseling and wellness states, “Some indicators leading to suicide such as the following: talking about it, lack of motivation –decreased general activity, family history of, and many others.” Ward has arranged a game night to follow the activities today. There will be continued game nights on the second and third Thursday of each month in the GSC. This will again be a place to come and have a good time for all.

Ward added, “If anyone is having any thoughts about the things spoken here please seek help and remember you always have a friend and someone who cares.  You can all the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-(TALK) or the Snow College Counseling Center at 435-283-7136 or the Snow College Student Mentor Hotline at 435-283-7283 (SAVE) or to Talk, Text, or Chat anonymously with a mentor”.

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