A Survival Guide For Finals

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Finals week is likely the most dreaded week of the semester. Although there’s no class, it can be filled with non-stop studying, anxiety and yes maybe a little bit of crying. Here are seven tips on surviving finals week.

Don’t pull an all-nighter it’s one of the worst things to do. When people are really tired they don’t retain information or recall it well. Getting some sleep will do a person better.  Getting a good night sleep will help students to feel refreshed and ready to tackle their finals.

Eat well, it will make a difference. During finals week sugary snacks and caffeine may seem like a great idea but eating foods that are substantial will do students a world of good. Stay hydrated by drinking water. Drinking water will help keep the body functioning.

Studying can take a toll on the mind so take a break every hour or two. Students should get up, stretch, eat a good meal, go outside and take a walk, take a warm shower or bath, and take some time and relax. Don’t try to cram too studying much into one sitting.

Students should prioritize and organize their studying. Don’t try to do cram studying for each test in one sitting. Plan out time out; they don’t have to split the time equally for each subject. When prioritizing their study, students shouldn’t waste their time spending hours studying for a class they haven’t had issues with. Spend the most time studying for the sections that have been the hardest. Go through the syllabus or talk to the teacher and find out how each test is structured and what is needed to get to pass.

Find a good place to study. Find a place that’s comfortable and free from distractions. It doesn’t have to be completely silent when to study, if students like a little background music while studying then they should go for it. Deleting social media apps, whether it’s just for the day or for the week, will make social media and students’ phones less of a distraction.

Use all available resources, don’t let them go to waste. Go to review sessions take advantage of the study time. Students should do the study guides and not let them go to waste, they can be very helpful. Review the quizzes at the end of each chapter of in the textbook. Make a study group because sometimes studying with others can help. They can help with the things that may have been hard to understand. Talk to the teacher about subjects that were confusing.

Find ways to stay positive. Find something good about each day or find something to look forward to everyday. Remember that the semester is almost over and winter break is around the corner. Do something fun to stay happy. Students need to be optimistic not get themselves down by thinking that they are going to fail. They should go into the test thinking they going to pass. Like Peter Pan says “think happy thoughts.”

Finals may be the most dreaded week of the semester and students might come out a little battered and bruised but it is possible to survive it.

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