Take a Break-Soak Up the Minerals

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Mike Ginsburg stumbled across Mystic (Monroe) Hot Springs in 1995 and turned it into the rustic resort it is today. Mike Ginsburg runs the site with two dogs, a parrot, and a cat on his side. Their mission statement declares: Mystic Hot Springs creates an authentic environment, which raises self-awareness by direct experience with nature, art, and antiquities. The resort offers hot springs, camping, cabins, and more. http://www.mystichotsprings.com They are located at 475 E. 100 N. Monroe, Utah.

The springs were founded in 1886. During the early phase of its development, there was a dance floor added near the soaking pools. According to http://www.mystichotsprings.com, “People would come from miles around in their horse- and-buggies to dance and soak the nights away.” The hot springs were once home to Indian tribes who would paint themselves with the red mud to protect themselves. The cabins on site housed many pioneers who lived their lives here. In fact, five children were born in the Barney Cabin.

Mystic Hot Springs allows customers to experience nature up close while camping in the onsite cabins and soaking in the multiple hot springs. The springs contain iron, magnesium, and calcium, for soaking sore muscles. They contain eight soaking tubs and two concrete pools each varying from 98 degrees to 100 degrees fahrenheit.

Mystic’s campsite also offers places for tents and RVs. Mystic has multiple cabins onsite, as well as showers and restrooms. There are four main cabins: Grow Cabin, Barney Cabin, Pond Cabin, and Nature Bus. The Nature Bus consists of two old school busses that have been renovated for customers to spend the night in. They include a heater, two twin beds, and electricity. Prices for soaking are $15 per person, while camping onsite ranges from $30 per person and $65 per person. Camp, enjoy, and relax the stress away.

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