Take a Peak at Snow’s Concert Choir

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The Concert Choir. Photo Courtesy of Sadie Cox.

Snow College recently had their first choir concert of the year. Under the direction of none other than Michael Huff, the various choirs gave their best performance. Doctor Huff has been teaching choir since the late 80s.

The choir concert was held the evening of Oct. 15 and celebrated the 240th anniversary of Mozart’s death, with the Cadence Chamber Choir singing Mozart’s “Solemn Vespers.” 

One of the main focuses behind the concert was to know that no one is alone and that there is always someone willing to help in life’s struggles. The song “You Will Be Found” from the broadway musical and recent film Dear Evan Hansen, was also performed. The song seeks to spiritually touch and uplift you with its inspiring message. 

Lainey Gurney, a member of the choir said, “I thought that the concert went really great. There was a great turnout and many people showed up. I was really proud of the choirs for memorizing and being able to perform with clarity and a volume. I had a bunch of people tell me afterwards that we did a great job and many people were in tears because of our performance which made me very happy.” 

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