Tattoos: Graffiti or Art?

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Some say that the body is a temple, while others would argue that it is a canvas. Either way, tattoos have the ability to turn heads.

So you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo. Beach season is right around the corner and what better time of the year to get a tattoo than right now?  Summer is a perfect time to sport that new tattoo you’ve been waiting to show off. However, you may want to be careful where you flash your ink because not everyone will appreciate it, especially in Utah.

When it comes to body art in our predominately religious state, there seem to be two types of people – those who love it, and those who hate it. I have been with friends who have tattoos and it seemed like everywhere we went people were either giving compliments or glares of condemnation.

The human body is a remarkable thing. I like to think of it as a house for our souls. Much like a house, it requires physical effort to stay in operating condition. And also much like a house, we have the option to decorate for a more intimate feel.

The beautiful thing about tattoos is that they are totally personal. They can range from a small butterfly on an ankle to completely covering the body. Tattoos are an exercise of choice and they can become part of one’s personality. Whether it is a tribal sleeve or the emblem of a favorite band, tattoos will show personality.

“I have loved my tattoo since the day I got it,” explains Snow College student Brittany James. “People always stare but I don’t mind, that’s why I got it.”

So if you are considering a tattoo in the near future, be ready to turn heads. They may be nodding in approval or shaking their heads in disgust, but you will capture their attention either way and that is the point.

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Ryan Aagard

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