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With the new spring season, winter clothes are being exchanged for lighter clothing. As the sun shines, more skin shows. On that skin, you sometimes see flashes of color and dark lines that form pictures, designs and words. These things are known as tattoos.

Some people suggest that tattoos are an art form.  I agree that some designs are quite artistic and paint a very vivid picture; however, I don’t think that condones tattoos.

Just think about it. Tattoos now, in the moment when we are young and have healthy, non-saggy skin, look “rad,” and “tight.,” However, when we grow old and our blonde, brown, red, etc. hair is  being overrun by gray, the tattoos don’t look so “hip.”

That tattoo of a majestic eagle that looks as though it is soaring through the air on a burst of wind is going to turn in to a saggy, discolored bird that can’t seem to even raise its wings.

They’ll turn from lookin’ good to lookin’ gross.

Also, while we are young college students trying to gain an education and make something of ourselves, it is our prime opportunity to create the best impression possible. Sometimes tattoos hinder that. Employers look for clean-cut, responsible looking employees. Sometimes tattoos such as sleeves and facial tattoos are a major turn off.

Tattoos are also costly. Not only does it cost a few hundred bucks to get the tattoo, but if you choose to have it removed, the cost continues to skyrocket.

According to, the average cost of tattoo removal is forty-nine dollars per square inch. Forty-nine  dollars per square inch can add up quickly. After all, when people get a tattoo, they don’t usually go for a small one.

A quick and easy alternative to tattoos can be found at any Walmart and at most any Dollar Store. Get a fake, sticky tattoo with cute little animals on it! All you have to do to apply the tattoo is get a damp rag, place the sticky side down and gently massage the tattoo with the rag. Easy and painless!

If you like tattoos and want to get a real one, just make sure to weigh the pros and cons before you do. Measure out the definite costs and the potential benefits. You may find that the costs outweigh the benefits.

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