Teacher Spotlight: Zeb White

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Zeb White Is the current  Assistant Director for Student Life. He also teaches, and he will be teaching business career seminar in the fall. He started off going to school at SUU, where he got a bachelors in the social sciences along with a secondary education emphasis.

He then soon after, went to work for the LDS church in welfare division for three years. While he was working there, he got an M.B.A. from Western Governors University. His career at UVU then started off, and he worked for career services there. Soon after, he started his career at Snow College with career services.

Zeb, currently is working in Student Life, and has had the position of Student Life Assistant Director for the past seven months. Right now he is still improving his education, and is getting his doctorate from California Southern University.

Zeb says, “I enjoy working with the students, and having a job where I get to have fun.”  He certainly loves his job and what he does. He brings about positive change to his students and colleagues.  He tells us, “Go Badgers!”

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