The ASL Club Begins

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The ASL signs “I Love You” as a welcome to the club. Photo by Lillian Wade.

The ASL (American Sign Language) club at Snow College is finally in session. It is run by President Kaitlyn Shamo, a freshman majoring in special education training. She is supported by Vice President Ashley Lowe, Treasurer Cheyenne Kennedy and Secretary Katelyn Mecham. When asked about the inspiration behind the club, Shamo says, ā€œI had an ASL club in high school, and I found it really fun! It was a great release, and by having the club we learned how to apply our ASL skills to normal situations rather than just the classroom setting.ā€ 

Club meetings are held each Tuesday at 6:00pm in the Greenwood Student Center. It is free and open to all students, no experience needed. Besides an introduction to the Deaf culture, ASL has a wide variety of applications. For example, talking to someone in a loud room or from a distance. Every meeting begins with a review followed by learning new signs, and then a game is played to practice. If you have any questions, you can message Kaitlyn Shamo on the Snow College app.

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