The Benefits of The Library

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Courtney Brown and Kayli Buehler studying in one of the libraries many study rooms.  Photo Credit: Shaylee Smith

Courtney Brown and Kayli Buehler studying in one of the libraries many study rooms. 
Photo Credit: Shaylee Smith

When students need a quiet place to study, the library is the place to go. Students have a place to sit until their next class starts, read a book, and watch their favorite television show without being interrupted. Whether it is the on-location experience, or the resources that are provided, the Snow College library is something students should utilize.

Snow College student, Megan Johnson said, “The library is not a negative place. It’s a place where students can meet new people and study in a quiet place. The library is my home away from home. I like that we can have rooms to study in and do homework. All Snow College students should take a visit to the library.”

On top of the database and books available, the library also offers DVD’s and CD’s to rent.

The library gives students a place to study, do research, get help with their projects, and get their questions answered. Why not take advantage of all the amenities available?

Snow College student Dallin Taggart said, “The library offers so much more than books to students. I can rent DVD’s and CD’s if I wanted to. I like that computers are available for students to use and quiet study rooms that I use quite frequently.”

In addition, the library hosts events for students. For Example, The Huntsman Library will be hosting several events and speakers to celebrate National Novel Writing Month in November. To kick off into November there will be creative writing workshops and manuscript submissions starting on October 19th, and there will be much more to come.

Snow College library also helps students to be better prepared with research papers with the use of the Snow Library database. Go to, click on academics on the top of the screen, and click on libraries. The site will then take students to the Snow College library page, where they can find many different databases and information for their assignments.

To find out more about The Huntsman Library go to, call, chat, email, or text a librarian, or go to the on-sight location. Students will find the Library a good resource to utilize throughout the years they spend at Snow College.

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