Have You Ever Met A Girl That You Tried To Date?

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CrystalSnow.FriendZoneAs Pinterest says, “Saying, ‘we can still be friends,’ after a break up, is like saying, ‘Hey, the dog died, but we can still keep it.’”

Yes, students of Snow College, today’s advice column is about the friend zone.

Gentlemen, this article is for you. I know that it is rough when you get friend zoned. Who knows, maybe it happens often. It’s sad, but sometimes true. You may not even know what you did to be put into the friend zone, but I’m here to help you out.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. In a female’s mind, the friend zone is a simple place. If a man does something that is categorized as a major turn off, to the friend zone they go.

There are a few key indicators that you may receive from a girl that signals your initiation to the friend zone:

  1.  If she describes you as “sweet,” or “nice.”
  2.  If she calls you “Dude,” or “Bud,” and punches your shoulder.
  3.  If she never speaks to you.
  4.  If there is no physical contact at all, or strictly a high five.
  5.  If she says, “You are such a good friend (emphasis on friend).”

Now, don’t be too hard on yourself if any of the above examples have happened to you, because girls get “bro-zoned” all the time too.

Girls will also automatically friend zone you if you are too clingy. Sometimes you will even be friend zoned if you have “crazy eyes,” meaning that if you are looking to get married, some girls will automatically friend zone you because they are not at that stage yet.

Haylee Hunsaker, a female student at Snow College shares her expertise on friend zoning,. “We know what your goal is, but don’t let us know what your goal is.”

Obviously, if you want to date someone, it means that you have an interest in them and that they could possibly be the one, but the point is, don’t make it extremely obvious at first. Hunsaker also says, “You can’t change our minds. Once you’re friend zoned, you are forever friend zoned.”

Another female student, Stevie Anderson, also shares her opinion about the friend zone,. “I need a man. I am the emotional one in the relationship. He wears the pants.” Basically, if you are too emotional, girls will friend zone you.

Pinterest also quotes; “Friendzoned should be a relationship status on Facebook.” It is very hard to get out of the friend zone. Once you are there, you are basically stuck. Sometimes it is best to move on.

If a girl ends up friend zoning you, she might have missed out on an incredible relationship, but hey, at least you’re friends.

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