The Future Breaks Ground

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The first step was taken in construction of the Roger M. and Joyce S. Graham Science Building, the newest addition to Snow College, with a historic Founders Day groundbreaking ceremony on a chilly Friday afternoon.

Snow College President Gary Carlston participated in the ceremony alongside other donors to the alumni organization that contributed over $3 million to the project, including Mr. Graham himself.

“The fundraising has gone on for years,” Graham said and adds, “Snow is going to continue to grow. We have a wonderful college here.”

Robert is the namesake of the building due to his longtime status as a distinguished Snow Alumnus alongside his late wife, Joyce, whom he met at Snow during his study.

“This groundbreaking is significant for the college,” said President Gary Carlston. “Many, many people have spent a great deal of time getting us to this point.  We appreciate the support of the state legislature, the generosity of so many donors and friends, and the tireless work of our faculty and staff.  We look forward to the completion of the new facility and pay tribute to those who have influenced and taught students within the walls of the current building.”

The groundbreaking ceremony was accompanied by a variety of activities and science displays by various branches of the Snow College science department ranging from volunteer students showing different aspects of a scientific world to visiting schoolchildren and other attendees. Young students were able to experiment with a variety of hands-on activities involving computer science, chemistry, biology, physics, and many others.

Former mayor of Ephraim and donor to the building, Dave Parrish, said, “Snow College is a great institution for higher education, and I’m so glad that Snow is able to continue to grow because people here get a great education, they get a fun, safe, environment to live in, and it contributes to the growth of the state of Utah. This helps people understand that Snow really is serious about education.”

The new science building is scheduled to be finished and ready for classes in the Fall of 2017.

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