Iron Man a Reality?

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The Pentagon is attempting to bring Iron Man to life, CNN reports.

From the screens of Hollywood to the real world, a great deal of the technology needed for the Iron Man suit already exists; it just needs to be put together. There will be differences, the LA Times reported, but the basic idea is the same.

The main stumbling block, according to the Times, is exactly the same as in the movies the power source. The battery used to power the exoskeleton has to be small enough to be maneuverable, but large enough not to run out of power. There is technology that exists that can turn footsteps into electricity, which people on the project are considering as a supplement power source.

The new “tactical assault light operation suit” or TALOS, is fast becoming a reality. TALOS was a bronze warrior that defended the island of Crete in Ancient Greece.

The main goal of the TALOS project now, the Times goes on, is to create an armor that will protect soldiers better than Kevlar without adding too much bulk. Project leaders are optimistic about the chances of the armor becoming a reality, but state that it will take time to accomplish all of their goals. They do have prototypes of the exoskeleton in testing.

Clark Gregg, the actor playing Phil Coulson in the Marvel franchise, had the opportunity to try one at a Utah testing facility. In a video of the experience, the Times report his remarks: “This is the closest thing we have right now to the Iron Man suit,” Gregg says. “That it’s becoming real this quickly is kind of remarkable.”

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