The Return of the Lady Badgers

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Snow College Softball Team. Photo courtesy of Snow College Facebook page

The Snow College Lady Badgers Softball 2021 season is in full swing! The Lady Badgers are looking forward to their first conference game on March 5th against Utah State Eastern. During their preseason tournaments the Badgers walked away with the record of three wins and six loses playing various teams from Utah, Arizona and Nevada. 

The 2020 season was cut short last year due to the outbreak of COVID-19, cheating the Lady Badgers from Region 18 tournament play. The team looks to bounce back in this new year of promise and opportunity. Paige Elkins, the sophomore third baseman, said “We have got to play every game like it is our last, because in today’s world you never know when that will be.” Many of the players are returning sophomores who had their freshman season cut short. They are hoping to finish what they started last year. 

The team has been excited and anxious to get back out on their home field. Freshman player Kenna Gough, who plays shortstop, when asked about how the season has gone so far replied, “It has been fun but we have a lot of work to do to get to where we want to be.”

She continued, “Our main goal is to win the conference.” The team has been preparing by practicing in the blue gym at the activities center while there is snow on the field. When not practicing the team hits the weights gym to strengthen their muscles as well as engage in mental exercise to clear their mind and help their focus. “Everything we have done has really brought the girls closer together as a team.” said sophomore team member Aubree Ison, “I like to focus on getting 2% better each day to stay on top of things.” Ison also expressed how excited she and the team are to play, “We are just ready to get back out on the field.”

The Lady Badgers look ahead to their first home game against Utah State Eastern on March 5th at 1pm. A region rival, Snow College looks to come out with a big win. All the teams preparation they have been doing in this unusual offseason will come to light against their region rival. 

You can watch their game in person at the Ephraim City Park Ball Fields.

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