The Student Survival Guide to Utah Winters

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The temperature is starting to drop, winter clothes are being unpacked, and hot drinks are becoming a necessity. Students all over campus have taken notice of the cold front blowing in, but this is only the beginning.

Students native to Utah have weathered this cold before, but students from out of state are in for a surprise. Whether we like it or not, the cold weather is here. Luckily, we at Snowdrift have gathered some tips to help students survive this change in the weather.

Layer up! Winter clothes can be expensive, but money can be saved simply by layering up the clothes already in our closet. As an added bonus, layers can be removed and added easily to adjust to the temperature. There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong attire.

Having tissues on hand are a must if students want to avoid snotty mittens, or worse, having to use rough paper towels on the already-sensitive nose. Keeping a small pack of Kleenex on your person will come in handier than one may expect.

Along with the cold weather comes “sick season”. Avoid a cold or two by taking a daily multivitamin and getting the vitamin C that the body needs to build the immune system.

Lastly, common sense is a must. Students may still be in denial that summer is over, but it’s time to put the shorts away. Don’t be afraid to break out the sweaters and scarves, because that means Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.

Stay warm out there, Badgers, winter is coming!

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