The Trial of Increased Gas Prices

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Lillian Wade filling her car with gas at the Ephraim Maverick. Photo by Ethan Oster.

Due to recent events, gas prices across the country have seemed to skyrocket to lengthy heights that seem incredulous to many people. 

Students who tend to travel home on the weekends or even those students who choose to drive to their classes have most likely noticed this increase, as it affects their day to day activities.

Snow student Daicee Smuin said, “I come from a family who all work in the natural gas and oil industry. The economy affects us big because it depends whether or not my dad has a job or not.” 

This may be the case with many families, where the new regulations regarding gas and oil may affect their jobs for better or for worse. 

These regulations may lead to an increased level of stress on students and their families since there is no source of income for them, with their families out of jobs. 

For students who have a part time job, driving to and from their job will cause a necessary decrease in their income. While this money could be spent on tuition, due to current circumstances, it is instead being spent on gas. 

Smuin said, “Because we put sanctions, everything is going to be very tight. Everything is going to be hard to get because we are not independent.”

Badgers may have to create a budget with the increased prices, in order to maintain some type of normalcy. Another option, would be to carpool when possible, in order to spend the least amount of money on gas if taking similar trips. 

Though students may not be able to stop their travel all together to save money, Badgers are encouraged to find new ways of getting around that can save them a few extra cents or dollars. 

Anna Mower is a Snow College freshman on the Snowdrift Senior Staff. She enjoys meeting new people and getting out of her comfort zone. She is hard working, family oriented photographer and writer.

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