The Uses and Conveniences of Snow College’s Karen H. Huntsman Library

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For college students, studying is key. It comes before breathing, food, and sleep; if we don’t study, we don’t pass those classes. But how can one study successfully and productively in this crazy world of campus life? Effective, efficient, convenient, useful, extensive, and heaven sent are just a few things that come to mind when thinking about the Karen H. Huntsman Library right here at Snow.

The Karen Huntsman library was completed and dedicated in 2010, located on Snow College Campus at 150 College Avenue, it offers many resources, and advantages to Snow College students. Along with a considerable online database, the library it’s self has many benefits. Together with a basement full of “up to date” computers available to every student with a user name and password, the the next three levels offer books both academic and non, audio books, C.D.’s, movies, quiet and comfortable places to study, and sound rooms big enough for large groups. Hunter Palmer, a student here at Snow said, “ The top floor sound rooms are great for doing group project in without disturbing anyone else in the library.”.

Open Monday– Thursday 7:30am- 12:00am, Friday 7:30- 5:00pm, and Saturday 12:00pm- 4:00pm, the library offers more than just a great place to study; Calling it “Text a Librarian”, if you have a question relating to the library, just text SNOWLIB to 66746 with your question, and a librarian will text you back with the answer. Hannah Stephenson, a sophomore, said this when asked what the most beneficial thing about the library is for her; “I like how if I have a question, I can just ask one of the librarians, and they always help me out.”.

So whether it’s to cram for a test, catch up on some homework, put together a group project, or for just getting five minutes of peace and quiet from our busy lives, the Snow College Karen H. Huntsman Library is the place to go.

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