“A Train to Potevka” Capturing the Beauty of a Dehumanized Country 

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A Train to Potevka. Photo courtesy of goodreads.com.

A Train to Potevka. Photo courtesy of goodreads.com.

Capturing the beauty, culture, and character of Russia. “


” is the story of an American spy in Soviet Union.

Written by, and the story of, a man from Bear River, Utah. Mike Ramsdell went to school at Utah State University and the Russian Language Institute of Washington, D.C.  There he majored in Russian/Soviet Counterintelligence.

While going through his own kind of nightmare in Soviet Russia during the Cold War, Mike Ramsdell exhibited great compassion and understanding for the people of Russia during their changing societies and lives.

This book begins with Ramsdell looking out his window aboard the Trans-Siberian train, onto the arctic scenery just outside the Russian city of Sverdlovsk. This is an exhilarating tale of espionage, faith, hope, second chances, love, and making it out alive.

Shedded light on: relationships between America and Russia, on the rich and positive cultures of a “dehumanized” country, and the war-torn evilness of the soviet regime. “A train to Potevka” is a must read for anyone craving an experience in adventure, suspense, and opportunity.

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