Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Before the Senate

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Over this last week, Judge Neil Gorsuch has appeared in front of the U.S Senate in Washington D.C. His hearings are long and televised, allowing the public to see if they like him. Throughout the duration of this hearing, people were able to find out who Judge Neil Gorsuch is and if he would be a good supreme court judge. 

Neil Gorsuch is a judge from Denver, Colorado. He has been a Judge for over 10 years. “Putting on a robe reminds us judges that it’s time to lose our egos and open our minds”, he said in his opening remarks. Some of the decisions he has made during those 10 years were addressed in front of the senate. Gorsuch came off to some as careful, old-school, and able to hold his own. To many others, he was thought to be dodgy, of poor judgment, or just simply disagreed with his views. Overall the belief is that he did very well and should be chosen.

However, there may be some setbacks. Many democrats do not feel that Gorsuch is the best choice and intend to filibuster. The republicans hold 52 seats, which means under the current rules, they would need 8 more votes from the democrats to send Gorsuch forward for a final confirmation vote that would then just need a majority. 19 democrats in the senate have already said that they will not be voting for Gorsuch.

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