Two Bodies Found in Provo Canyon

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A man hiking in a remote area near Squaw Peak in Provo Canyon discovered human remains on Saturday. After police arrived to investigate, they found a second set of remains 50 feet away.

According to, the two deaths were unrelated. One is believed to have occurred in 2012, and the other in 2006. The second body was much more decomposed than the first.

Both bodies were located at the base of a 1,000 foot high cliff. Their injuries strongly suggest that they died from blunt force trauma to the body.  The area where the bodies were found is so remote that the oldest went undiscovered for about eight years. The two sets of remains were removed via helicopter.

The first body was found with clothing and a backpack full of personal belongings. Lt. Matt Siufanua of the Provo Police Department said this helped police identify the victim. The remains are thought to belong to a 41-year old Polish man named Jakub Gorowski, who went missing in May 2012. Police say a DNA test will be conducted to gain official confirmation.

The second body is believed to belong to a person who went missing in 2006, but officials say DNA tests will likely be necessary for confirmation. The identity of this person will be released after it is confirmed and family members are notified.

Investigators will examine any evidence found at the top of the cliff to determine if the deaths were accidental or if foul play or suicide was involved.

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