Upcoming in the Music Department

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Jamie Baker perfects the beautiful music coming from her flute. Photo by Ileana Brown

Jamie Baker perfects the beautiful music coming from her flute. Photo by Ileana Brown

Things are back in full swing in the Horne School of Music! As auditions wrap up for the top performing groups, rehearsals are underway for exciting concerts, such as Dr. Trent Hanna’s Contemporary Music Festival.

One of the first major concerts to start off 2015 is Dancing Queen. This rock choral concert includes the Fat Old Professors, Cadence, Commercial Music Ensemble, and the A Cappella choir. The music selections are from ABBA and Queen, and many are student arranged. This concert will take place on March 10.

Wind Ensemble is also in rehearsals as they prepare for Dr. Trent Hanna’s Contemporary Music Festival in February. “Wind Ensemble has [also] been invited to perform with Timpview and Timpanogos High School bands in February,” says Dr. Vance Larsen, director of bands.

The Jazz Ensembles’ concerts begin on March 16 with the Big Band. On March 31, the Big Band will be joining Cadence in a night of vocal jazz from the 40s.  Jazz II will be performing April 8, and the Jazz Combo Concert is April 13. The orchestra is also preparing to perform, with area recitals approaching in March.

Because the Horne School of Music offers a 4-year program, several senior recitals will be presented this semester. These students have worked long and hard for these particular performances, and are excited to showcase their skills.

With the retirement of Dr. Steve Meredith after fall semester, the chair of the music department is now Dr. Vance Larsen. After a semester of being only a teacher, he is now in charge of the administration affairs of the music department. Also, with the departure of Dr. Meredith, Brian Stucki has taken over the choir department. Professor Stucki has been in charge of Opera Workshop and assisted in voice lessons here at Snow, and now looks forward to working with choral music as well as operatic.

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