Utah Clarinet Festival Comes to Snow

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Snow College will host the 5th annual Utah Clarinet Festival. Photo Courtesy of clarinetfestival.org

Snow College will host the 5th annual Utah Clarinet Festival. Photo Courtesy of clarinetfestival.org

Five years ago, Dr. Madeline Lebaron, clarinet instructor at Snow, contacted other clarinet professors throughout the state with an idea: to bring students from all over Utah together to hold a festival. This festival, complete with guest artists, performances, workshops, and more, has become a tradition. This weekend Snow College will host the Fifth Annual Utah Clarinet Festival.

“Basically what we do is we have a guest artist or two, this year we have two [Deborah Bish and Michele Gingras], come and perform a master class and a recital,” said Lebaron. “We also have college professors and clarinet teachers from around the state each teach a class on a variety of topics.”

When Snow student Kyle Hotvedt attended this festival before, he said it helped him grow as a musician. “It helped a lot to be able to work with clarinet players more advanced than I am,” said Hotvedt. “I was able to hear and learn to mimic their sound and abilities. Also, there are recitals and master classes, and these are always good for any musician.”

Kurtis Surber, another student at Snow, has attended festivals such as this before, though not this one in particular. “Festivals are a good opportunity for local musicians, in this case clarinetists, to see what being a professional is all about,” said Surber. “It’s also a great opportunity for students to get hands-on experience.”

The Eccles Center for the Performing Arts will be hosting the event for students of all ages. “We’ve gone to the high schools and junior highs. College professors and private clarinet instructors will be coming and bringing their students for this two day event,” said Lebaron. “Summerhays will be here too with some equipment. Students can try out new reeds or new clarinets.”

The Fifth Annual Utah Clarinet Festival will take place on March 4-5 in the Eccles Center. Participants will be given chances to play in a clarinet choir, participate in workshops, and much more.

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