Weather in Texas

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Texas has been dealing with a lot of trouble due to their recent snowstorms. 

Texans have been without any water or power for days, and people have been freezing. Texas is on a power grid, which means that they have a network of power throughout the state; this also means that the state can’t take any power from other states. 

While Texas did know that this storm was coming, they didn’t realize the severity of it. Texas is a desert where drought is common, so snow isn’t common there at all. They weren’t prepared for any kind of cold weather.

Anna Taylor, someone who lives in Texas and has seen first hand the destruction the weather has caused says, “They relied mostly on fossil fuels, not green energy. Texas doesn’t like the idea of the federal government so they kept their power grid separate from the rest of the US to make it cheaper for the state, not the consumer.”

Taylor also adds about what’s been happening in her own home.”Well the power plants went down and that caused the water plants to stop functioning. I’ve been melting snow for drinking water, defecating into plastic bags due to no toilet, and was almost emergency level dehydrated until I waited in line for bottled water for an hour.” 

We wish the best for everyone in Texas, and if you are a student with family or friends in Texas, make sure to check upon them. It’s a hard time for everyone there.

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