Weeds, a community for talent to be discovered

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To have talent discovered and then shared with others is a truly fulfilling experience, however not many are given the opportunity. Here at Snow College, professors are bending over backwards to ensure students reach their goals and find enjoyment in these experiences, making programs to help reach the students full potential. One of these opportunity’s is a journal made by students, for students. Weeds, Snow College’s Literary journal, has been around since before the year 2000, and is still going strong. No one knows the original meaning behind the name of this journal. Though, “Weeds” seems to take on a new definition every year as well as a new theme; this year’s being ‘diversity’. Students are just now wrapping up the final submissions for this year’s journal and are excited to have another published.  

Lauren Matthews, one of the overseeing professors of this project said, “It’s so wonderful to see your own name in print and to find your own community along the way.” She also mentions, “It’s the best opportunity for students to find an audience.” Even though she and one other professor are overseeing the journal, students run the editing, publishing and do much more to ensure the journal’s success. Students and even professors are able to submit their artwork, poems, short stories and more! It’s an opportunity for them to work with on-the-job editors as they polish their work before publishing for others to read. Many of the submitted pieces are awarded for the talent displayed. 

Though the time for submission has passed, now is the time to look to the future. Students are encouraged to submit their talents for next year’s literary journal. 

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