What Do Girls Want?

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Tana Henrie and Celeste Lines line up their choice in boys and pick the guy they would like to date. Photo by Shalyn Medeiros

Tana Henrie and Celeste Lines line up their choice in boys and pick the guy they would like to date. Photo by Shalyn Medeiros

Spring is in the air folks! It’s time to get your flirt on! Lately, I’ve heard a lot of chatter from guys who are slightly confused about when a girl is flirting with them, and whether the girls like them or not. Apparently we aren’t good at dropping the hints.

So let’s begin. When a girl likes a guy, all sorts of things are going on in her brain and she gets pretty emotional. Her tummy gets butterflies, and her heart starts beating hard, her cheeks flush, and sometimes she may even be speechless.

Sometimes guys take that speechlessness as a sign that we aren’t interested, when in reality, we are just too blown away to say anything.  So don’t get too turned off right away.

However, there are some situations when it might be hard to pick up the hints we are dropping.

Say you ask a girl out, and at the end of the date as you are about to drop her off on the doorstep, she lingers and keeps chatting. This is a sign that she likes you.

Remember, this lingering may not mean that she wants you to kiss her quite yet.  She may not be ready for that. It just means that she wants to continue to talk. She doesn’t want the date to end because she has enjoyed it. So keep the atmosphere light and fun.

This lingering in a conversation may even happen around campus as she is on her way to class. Heck, she may even be late for class because she stopped to chat with you and didn’t want to go. So keep a lookout for long, lingering conversations. She’ll make time to talk with you!

A few signs that a girl likes a guy may not even seem like signs. Girls sometimes have a hard time conversing with guys they like.  They might be quiet and feel intimidated because they don’t want to be rejected or they don’t want to say the wrong thing.

Another hint that a girl likes a guy is if she is willing go on a date or participate in an activity that she isn’t very fond of.  For example, if a guy were to ask a girl to play chess with him and she absolutely despises chess, she’ll play anyway because she likes him and playing that chess game is just more time that she gets to spend with him.

Laughing, eye contact, and touch are key indicators that a girl likes a guy. She’ll laugh at stupid jokes, she’ll keep eye contact, and she’ll want to be close to him.

The moral of the story is, there are a lot of hints out there! You just have to look for them. We’ll try to make our hints obvious, but that may not always be the case.


Cheyenne Davis!

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