What is International Education Week?

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International Education Week (IEW) is a week sponsored by the US Department 

of State and Education, which was held during November 15-19. 

The idea was to bring awareness to international students, including those who are studying in the United States or even American students who are going abroad. 

This year’s theme is engaged, resilient, and global. As published on the US Depart a couple of different events during that week. The first event was President Bradley J. Cook having a dedication for the flag of each country in the Student Center. 

Badgers saw their flags presented, danced to music, and participated in a cultural fashion show. The second event where lunch specials were highlighting recipes from some international students’ countries, in this way students can feel as if they were at home. 

A culture fest was also planned; with the help of international students there was a club rush with traditional clothes, food, and activities based on different countries. Next an international panel 

discussion was done that included international professors who are on campus, those who have studied abroad or lived abroad, as well as some international students who are studying here. 

Finally, State Department events were announced during the week, and broadcasted on TV in the International Stu dents Department offices at the Noyes Building, leaving a spectacular week for all Badgers. 

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