What is it Like to be Involved in the Fine Arts

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Some of the most popular majors here at Snow College fall under the fine arts category. 

Students are pursuing further knowledge, experience, and even a career in fields such as dance, music, theatre, and visual arts. 

Engaging in the fine arts here at Snow can be a great opportunity to find new interests, meet new people and make awesome friends. 

It allows one to express who they are, and all around have a lot of fun from activities like singing in choir to performing in plays. 

Adam Marsden, who is currently a sophomore at Snow, had this to say when asked about his experience taking fine arts classes, “I’ve taken music theory, sight singing and ear training, beginning conducting, class piano, symphony and chamber orchestra, and private cello lessons. I love how personal and insightful the classes are. I have played cello for over eight years and I love music!” 

Being involved in fine arts also provides a chance to flourish creativity and inspire others. 

Denver Henrichsen, another sophomore here at Snow, is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. 

He’s taken a wide variety of instrumental music classes and has loved the community involved with each of them, and how the classes introduce him to new opportunities. 

He recommends taking fine arts classes to anyone, as although they are time consuming, they’re some of the best classes he’s taken at Snow. 

Snow offers a wide variety of classes suited for expanding a student’s skill set in the areas they want to improve. 

It varies from private voice/ singing lessons to countless styles of dance training such as ballet or jazz, everything you would want to know about producing a play, from directing to sound, lighting, and costume design and learning how to paint, sculpt, or even animate. 

There are plenty of options for students to follow, so students should consider giving any of the fine arts a try, regardless of major status. 

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