What to Expect from Women’s Basketball

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Women’s Basketball Team. Photo courtesy of Marylee Giddings

Snow College’s Women’s Basketball team has had a great season, and Coach Zu is expecting this to continue. Zu states that she is “happy with how our team is progressing. We were up and down a bit at the beginning of the season, but we’ve started to play more consistently now, and we’re getting better everyday.” 

When it comes to playoffs we can expect great things from the team. Coach Zu says “I think the conference tournament is going to be really competitive this year, there are several good teams in our region. We’re right there with every single one of them, though.” Badgers can expect the team to continue to work hard throughout the last of the season.

Marylee Giddings is a freshman here at Snow College. Growing up in San Juan county she grew a love for journalism along with reading, art, piano, and hanging out with her two dogs.

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