What to Watch Out For On Halloween

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Halloween has the reputation for being the most dangerous night of the year.  On October 31 thousands of kids prowl the streets in the dark making it hard for people traveling to watch for kids as they go about their nightly trick or treating.

Children are twice as likely to get hit by a car on Halloween night than any other night of the year.  A popular craze making things even harder for nightly commuters this year is the full black body suit, a new Halloween costume that covers the child from head to foot, covering even their face.

Several companies are known to sell this, with warnings such as impaired vision, but its draw for many of the younger kids is the idea it sells saying that “you’ll disappear into the pitch black night.”

This is can potentially be a terrible costume idea for obvious safety reasons, not only making it hard for people to see those dressed up in this particular costume, but also making it hard for the children looking through the darkened material.

Kids have a hard time estimating the speed and distance of cars and, with impaired vision, they are more likely to jump in front of a moving vehicle.  There are several other alternatives to solve this problem.

Parents can buy the body suit made in different and brighter colors.  Glow sticks are also a very useful tool, being used as necklaces and bracelets to help kids show up in the dark of night.

Even with the brighter alternatives in place, the best thing to do this Halloween while traveling through neighborhoods is to drive with extreme caution and understand that young kids are going to be out terrorizing the night.

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