Which is more Addictive, Oreos or Cocaine?

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Photo courtesy of coroflot.com

Photo courtesy of coroflot.com

Milk’s favorite cookie is under scrutiny after a study that claims the frosting “is something more addicting than morphine or cocaine.”

This study, which took place at the Connecticut College by the neuroscience students, has conclusive evidence of this statement. In a controlled experiment, rats were placed in a maze and given the option of Oreos or rice cakes. A related study was done where the rats were injected with morphine or saline solution. The relationship between these two studies proved that the pleasure center of the brain was activated similarly with the rats that chose the Oreos and the morphine-injected rats.

Carl Erickson, the director of University of Texas Addiction Science Research and Education Center, begs to differ. “Dependency is essentially when you can’t stop using the drug without help. Preferring Oreos over rice cakes isn’t a brain disease.” Erickson argued that because it lights up similar pleasure centers of the brain, that does not mean that Oreos have the same effect on the body as addictive drugs.

Craving Oreo cookies doesn’t necessarily make you an addict. If the choice comes up between Oreos and addictive drugs, choose the cookies!

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