While the Force Awakens, Fears Go To Rest

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Emily Suckow and her brother Daniel excitedly arrive at the Gross Alaska Theater in Ketchikan, Alaska to see the force awaken. Photo by Dave Suckow

Daniel and Emily Suckow excitedly arrive at the Gross Alaska Theater in Ketchikan, Alaska to see the force awaken.
Photo by Dave Suckow

I’m waking up earlier than I’ve woken up in months, but I don’t care – they were the only tickets available. I file into the dark room amid geeks and nerds of all sizes and every age, and all around me is the sound of hushed whispers – some excited, some skeptical, all happy to be there. And then it starts. After 32 years, it’s finally starting.

Star Wars Episode VII.

As the symphony of brass hurls in the opening sforzando that everyone knows as the heralding call of the Star Wars fandom, a shiver goes up my spine, and I realize that even though I’ve heard it over a thousand times, I’ve never read this introduction before; a fresh shot of adrenaline shoots through me. As Darth Vader once observed, “This will be a day long remembered!”

The release of a new Star Wars episode from Disney Studios has spurred controversy from all over the world. It’s no surprise that the fear of our beloved childhood obsession potentially being ruined via “Disnification” was somewhere deep inside every fan. But as a lifetime fanatic, I don’t think that this fear need be fostered.

If I were to mention one thing that I do think was “Disnified,” I would say this: it was the actors. As others have agreed, some of the actors felt like they came off a Disney Channel original series, both in appearance and acting style. Is this bad? No. Let’s be honest, Mark Hamill’s acting was never that great either, but we still love him! And besides, Daisy Ridley is much better looking than Mark Hamill.

But Disney Studios understood what they were getting into, and they spared no expense in meeting decades-old expectations. Star Wars Episode VII was an excellent blend of both new and familiar feelings.

Each familiar face and name – especially the Millennium Falcon – brought applause from the audience. It was like being reunited with old friends and saying, with Han Solo, “Chewie – we’re home!”

All of it was filmed on location with as little CGI as possible, and the filming style was very reminiscent of episodes IV, V and VI, and moved away from I, II, and III, which was refreshing.

It was different, however – but how could it not be? There are new characters, new stories, new plot twists, and new tear-jerkers – also, the Storm Troopers were a much better aim – but with every blaster shot and light-saber clash, you feel as though you’ve been watching it for years, and you don’t care who made it! It’s a part of you.

No true Star Wars fan need be scared of what this new film brings; let your love of Star Wars surround you, penetrate you, and bind you to it! Though it is different, it is also familiar to all who allow the Force to flow through them; this holiday season, it is the film you’ve been looking for.

I hope you all see and love this film as much as I did – in the meantime, farewell, and may the Force be with you.

Taylor Yorgason is 23 years old and a sophomore at Snow College, studying Communications with a possibility of transitioning into Marketing. He enjoys film editing and blogging. He hopes to have a future in making promotional videos. He started writing for The Snowdrift during the Spring 2015 semester and most enjoys writing Opinion articles.

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