Why Beyoncé Just Isn’t Good At All

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beyonceMost everyone today is familiar with the pop star Beyonce. The former member of ’90’s girl group Destiny’s Child has become an international success, and after the passing of the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson, Beyonce appeared to have inherited his pop empire and built herself and her product into a world-wide brand.

Sounds pretty impressive, but if the Twilight series has taught us anything, it’s that just because something is popular or trendy doesn’t make it good.

First, let me say that I am not someone who simply trolls successful people, making up reasons why I don’t like them. That isn’t what this article is about. I want to show in this article why Beyonce is just not good as a person and as a musician.

One main reason I’m not a fan is because I can’t ever get a read on her. I can’t ever tell who she is as a person because she is dishonest about it. On the one hand, she is looked at like this super feminist, someone who is a great symbol for women’s empowerment. Yet this same woman, this same symbol for women’s empowerment and feminism, recently went on a tour called “Bow down B*tches”, which was partly to promote the idea that women don’t need to be independent, because all they need is a rich husband. Forget your own dreams, bow down, be submissive, be subservient to the man in your life. She even called herself Mrs. Carter instead of Beyonce on this tour.

Even stars in the music world, such as R&B star Keyshia Cole called the famous singer a hypocrite, since she normally promotes girl power, but now is telling ladies everywhere that all they need is to find a rich guy and “bow down”.

The dishonesty and hypocrisy from this media idol is astounding.

Furthering this trend of dishonesty, Beyonce was caught lip- syncing at the presidential inauguration in January of last year. She tried to explain it away by saying that she’s a perfectionist, and that she didn’t feel comfortable singing because she hadn’t practiced with the orchestra. If she really did feel so uncomfortable, why on earth would she go on to sing anyway? Its either because she’s dishonest, or she’s uncomfortable hearing the sound of her singing voice. Both scenarios are possible, because as has been shown, she is dishonest, and a very compelling case could be made for the second reason.

Honestly, I don’t care all that much about Beyonce. There’s a reason I listen to other good bands and musicians. It’s because they’re actually good. I don’t understand why Nickelback gets so much hate, and an obvious fraud of a singer like Beyonce gets lauded as this great musician. She really isn’t, plain and simple.

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