Women’s Wrestling Coming to Snow

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The new Badger Wrestling logo. Photo Courtesy of Snowbadgers.com.

After lots of sorting and interviewing, Snow college is happy to welcome Ross Taylor as the new womens wrestling coach to take charge of the program based in the Richfield Snow College South campus. The new program is being funded by various private donations and will include both men and womens wrestling.

Taylor had this to say, “My wife and I are really excited about this new chapter of our lives. The new challenges it comes with, and the increased ability it offers us to give back to the community or wrestling and Utah.” A long time fan and lover of the sport, Taylor mentioned that being a college coach has always been a dream of his and he has been a huge advocate of women wrestlers since his sister Launa started wrestling in high school.

With plans to begin attending competitions in the fall of 2022, Snow College sees the program as a “win-win” situation for the community as well as the staff and students involved. 

With plenty of challenges and unknown variables in the future, Coach Taylor said, “We are starting from scratch. There is going to be some natural growing pains through the norming process.” However with all of the support from the community he is very excited to see the program succeed.

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