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  • Aubrey Seamons

Badger’s Compete in Video Game Competition

Snow College brought students together in a free food, all fun, video game night, with the chance to get prizes. On April 5th from 7-9pm, in the Eccles building, Snow College gave students the chance to play Mario Kart and Smash Bros together. The entryway of the Eccles was decorated with Mario balloon arches and free pizza was handed out. A theater room was set aside for Smash Bros, while a classroom was used for Mario Kart.

In addition to the food and games, students were presented with the opportunity to win a variety of prizes. The prizes offered were a Nintendo Switch,\ and Mario themed puzzles, shirts, plushies, slippers, and legos. Instead of competitively playing for the prizes, they could be won using raffle tickets. This allowed less experienced players a chance at the prizes. Students would get raffle tickets corresponding to what place they got. First place got three tickets, second two, and the rest one ticket. Students would then take these tickets and put them in the jar of their desired prize.

When students arrived at the event they were given a punch card. It was used to show what places they won, to get tickets, and how many times they had played. This system allowed new players to get a turn before the night was over. One student, Benjamin Graham, says that he thought the game night was a good idea, but he wishes students could have been able to play more games. While the wait line was long, students were able to discuss the aspects of the game, their favorite characters, whether bikes or karts were better, and shared childhood memories of the games.

At nine all the games ended and the raffle jars were brought to Mario and Luigi, who read out the winning numbers. Overall the video game night was able to provide a night of entertainment for many students, and allowed them to bond with each other through games, prizes, and food.

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