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Badger’s Elect New SBO President

Newly elected Student Body President Miguel Mayorga shares a laugh with his colleague SBO leadership. . Photo courtesy of Mateo Tomaszeuski.

Snow College’s student body elected a new Student Body President in preparation for the 2023-2024 school year, who will work to “Build a Better Snow.”

As students, the level of work put in by the Student Body Officers (SBO’s) can be overshadowed.

The election process here at Snow requires students to apply before the election begins. Students who are running then have the opportunity to campaign and raise support for their election platform. The positions included in this year’s election were SBO President, Vice President of Events, Vice President of Clubs & Diversity, Vice President of Marketing and a Business Senator Position.

According to the @snowbadgerlife instagram page, SBO’s “serve students, advance as leaders, make a difference, continue traditions, plan campus activities, and make lasting memories.” Students who become SBO’s also have the opportunity for scholarships.

Snow recently held SBO elections where Miguel Mayorga was voted as Snow College’s 2023-2024 SBO President. When asked about his plans for next year, Mayorga stated, “I am beyond honored and excited to serve as the Snow College Student Body President for the 2023-2024 year. I ran my campaign on a platform of diversity, inclusion, and collaboration.”

The election results shared on the instagram page not only announced Miguel Mayorga’s election as president, but also showed Sienna Thompson as the VP of Events, Mateo Tomaszeuski as the VP of Marketing, Kamryn Larsen as the VP of Clubs and Diversity, and Keren Gonzalez as the Senator of Business and Applied Tech.

In regards to the upcoming school year, Mayorga said, “All students have a voice that deserves to be heard and as President, I promise to represent all students, voices, and ideas. I am beyond excited for the events that are to come. I’d like to bring more casino nights, another paint dance, themed skate nights, and craft nights.”

Snow College has been known as a place of inclusion and that will not stop now. Mayorga finished his remarks by stating, “Badgers, Thank you for electing me! Together, I believe that we can ‘Build A Better Snow.”

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