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Badgers Bring Back the Skates

Students start to get the hang of it as they circle the GSC on skates. Photo by Anna Mower.

Roller skating has returned to Snow College. After a couple years, Snow has brought back its traditional skating nights. Multiple times a month, Snow will be hosting skate nights: free roller skating in the Greenwood Student Center.

The first skate night, held on January 23, had many activities such as cotton candy, arcade machines, and other refreshments along with skating under party lighting. Over 350 students attended opening night by count of waivers signed. Future skate nights will provide badgers with more skating under the party-light experience, without the additional activities.

A lot of work had to take place to make Skate Night a reality once again. The front of the hard work and preparation was from Snow College’s SBO team. Along with this preparation, Snow purchased the skating equipment, brand new, for this event, and students are required to use Snow College skating equipment to participate in the events.

Coordinating the event, as well as decorating, setting up music and lighting, preparation was a big task that the SBOs underwent. SBO Committee leader, Julio Morales said, “It was an all-hands-on-deck activity, so we had every SBO helping us with the activity, every SBO was there, so it went well.”

Morales said his favorite part of the night was, “giving them the skates, like, people being nervous when we gave them the skates, and when they came back they’re already asking like, ‘When’s the next skate night gonna be?’”

Morales ended by explaining that to keep roller skating, students have to ensure they’re following all the rules set in place. The rules are set in place to make sure students can have fun while staying safe. Badgers interested in attending the upcoming Skate Nights can check campus events for a schedule of the Skate Nights.


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