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  • Sandra Cox

Badgers Reflect on the Semester

Badgers open up about what they learned this past semester as they near the end. Students can take this time of year to honestly reflect on how their social and academic lives went for them—good, bad and everything in between. Students look back on both the valuable life lessons they absorbed and the practical academic skills they gained.

Current Badger Paige Hill states what she has learned that has helped her the most this semester: “There is a balance to living in the moment, worrying about the future and learning from the past.” Also showing gratitude, student Lizzie Gardner discloses, “I definitely learned the most in my career decisions making class. We studied our different strengths and how to apply them to our lives and future jobs.”

Not only did Snow College students grow in learning, but they also received inspiration from those around them this semester, including friends, family, professors and fellow classmates. While contemplating who offered helpful inspiration, Gardner relates, “Someone who inspired me a lot this semester was Professor Lee. It was incredible how he turned an 8 a.m. English class into a great learning environment that opened my eyes to a lot of different ways of writing and even learning.”

Looking back on their past experiences at Snow College, Badgers consider everything they learned and grew from. Each student had their individual ups and downs. With a personal reflection, students can decide what worked for them this semester and what didn’t, in order to make the next semester even better.

In summary, Hill describes her semester as “low key a little rough at first, but now it is a total party!”


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