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Branching Out At Networking Night

Student talking with Utah Health Scholars representatives. Photo Courtesy of Sarah Martin.

By: Sarah Martin

Snow College students mingled with representatives from Utah universities on January 24th for a "Networking Night" at the Graham Science Center. The Division of Natural Science and Mathematics sponsored the event to give students a chance to connect with other science and math-related university programs and degrees. 

Representatives from multiple universities offered treats, trinkets, and information to the curious students who stopped by their tables. The programs represented ranged from health science, microbiology, and nursing to ecological studies and cybersecurity.

Students and representatives alike expressed confidence that activities such as Networking Night are a good way for students to explore their interests and find new ones. It can be beneficial, in the words of outdoor recreation major Liesle Hammer, for students to "see different universities and different colleges and things and see what they like." 

Preston Barclay, a student at the event, shared a similar perspective: "I think it's good to have them so you can kind of get a better idea of what you're interested in." The aspect of discovery especially stands out to Jesus Garcia, a representative of Weber State University who often encourages students to branch out and learn more about what's out there: "The biggest thing that I just stress to students is you don't know what you don't know."


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