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Career Center Offers Internship Opportunities

Toby Roth takes advantage of the Career Center’s resources in helping find the right job. Photo by Ashlee Rhoades.

Many college students don’t know where to start when it comes to finding an internship or first professional position. Snow College has a Career Center that can help students with exactly that. It can be used to help students strengthen their resumes, cover letters, find job and internship opportunities, and more.

Lisa Laird, the Career Center Director said “Our mission is to give students the skills they need to connect to employers for paid internships and careers. To fulfill the mission we provide career advising, job search coaching, career exploration tools, and more than 40 events per year to get students in front of employers.”

They also offer different services such as personality and career assessments to help students see where their skills lie and what kind of career they should be looking for. This allows students to get an idea of what might be a good fit for them, helping them look for jobs and also to help them decide what to look into for a degree.

Students can find the Career Center behind the Business Building, which is behind the Business Building at 151 South Main Street. There is a portable with a banner saying “Career Center.” In order to get a hold and make an appointment at the Career Center you can call 435-839-2212 or write to for answers!

While the Career Center might be out of the average student's way, Natalia Winder, a student employee says “ The career center is worth the walk. We love having visitors. We’re a lot of fun and always decorate. It’s a blast.”

If a student is looking for help finding a job or trying to decide what to go into, the Career Center is the place to go.


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