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Club Rush at the Student Center

Club Rush is held at the start of every Snow College semester in the Greenwood Student Center. This event serves as an opportunity for clubs around campus to gain new members and to introduce students to the variety of clubs that Snow has to offer. Clubs are ideal for touching on student interests and activities on a more personal level. Students are given a broader scope to choose something that really speaks to them and are able to socialize with like minded people.

Snow Student and Member of the Breathe Deep Breathe Clean Club, Anna Mower stated, “One of the most important things I’d say about being in a club is that you get to meet new people and find new friends you wouldn’t have met outside of clubs.”

Clubs at Snow also give students a place to unwind and not worry about homework or classes. Mower adds, “In the Breathe Deep, Breathe Clean Club, it’s focused on taking a break from your schoolwork and relaxing. We try to teach how to manage stress and not be overwhelmed by it.”

Clubs can be an excellent opportunity for Snow students to expand their social skills, get involved with the school, and even find they were interested in something they were previously unfamiliar with.

As Snow Staff member Sam Holder says, “Joining clubs for students is just getting out and really becoming active within the school and making a genuine connection with people in a non academic setting.”

Though Club Rush is over, students are encouraged to sign up through the Snow College website for the club that’s right for them.


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