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Cosmetology Showcases on the Runway

Karly Johnson show off their creativity on the runway down in Richfield. Photo courtesy of The Richfield Reaper.

On the Richfield campus the Cosmetology Program put on a show stopping Fashion show. This is a scholarship opportunity for students in the cosmetology program. The winners of the fashion show are given a scholarship worth $400 that helps go towards the fees of the program.

Students get to take their ideas and put it all together. They choose a theme and a model and then will do hair, makeup, nails, and pick an outfit to all go under the theme. Lindsey Burrell said “It was good, it was really fun to participate in because it didn’t really feel like a competition because we were all helping each other and supporting each other.”

This year there were 31 students who participated. There were five categories of essentials of life, let’s be bold, a peek into the toy box, lead the way, and fabulous and frilly. Winners were picked for each category.

The essentials of life category was won by Shiley Mackey. Let’s be bold by Makell Fullmer. Next, Tennille Hofhine won a peek into the toy box. The lead the way category was taken by Cali Alder. Lastly, Jennifer Trujillo won the fabulous and frilly.

Jennifer Trujillo described the fashion show as “An experience that I’ve never done and I didn’t think I would ever be able to do until I did. My favorite thing was seeing everyone else’s ideas come to life and seeing everyone’s skills.”

This is a tradition seen on Richfield’s campus that students and the community alike can come together to see.


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