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Dance the Blues Away: Country Style

Snow College is well known for its Western Swing Club, among many other activities. Western Swing is a social dance style most commonly done to country music.

The Snow College Western Swing Club holds an event each week, giving students the opportunity to learn new moves, meet new people and show what they know. These events are a combination of line dances, where every participant does the same dance, with any additional variations, and swing dancing, which can include lifts, dips and tricks if Badgers are comfortable with that.

Not only do these events allow students to try something new and be physically active, it is one of the regular activities on campus which allows students to look forward to something each week.

Snow College student and Western Swing club member, Kallie Hamblin said, “It doesn't matter how advanced you are or if you're just starting out you are welcomed into the community. I love swing because it is the place I go to relieve stress but most importantly be able to completely be myself.”

For many Badgers, swing dancing is a way to relieve the many stresses that come with living away from home. As dance has been proved to have many health benefits, it is no wonder that the activity has become so popular on campus.

To those Badgers who may be wondering what the fuss is about swing, Hamblin said it best, “Swing is popular because of the feeling of home you feel while dancing or just being there. Swing isn't just a place you go to dance but it's a community of people.”


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