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  • Randi Bryant

Dive Back Into Intramurals

With the new semester kicking back into gear, Snow College’s Athletic Department has reinstated intramurals. Students have been playing their first games of the season and unleashing their competitive spirit with friends and roommates after class.

Intramurals allow students to play against each other once a week on self-made teams. They can compete against friends or play with them on a team. At the end of the season, they compete in a championship within their bracket. The winners of the championship receive t-shirts and bragging rights, of course.

Chad Lewis, a student involved in the program said, “I’ve loved intramural sports here at Snow because I get to go out and play in the sports that I love, but not just in a competitive way. I just love playing sports, especially with my friends.”

Games started January 18, with basketball kicking off the intramural season. The rest of the winter sports teams began their season a few days later and students have been enjoying the new season despite the cold. Students can watch intramural volleyball, pickleball, basketball, and indoor soccer on the games’ designated playing nights.

For more information on intramurals or how to join, students can contact Jackson Barlow at to get started.

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