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  • Sandra Cox

Dungeons & Dragons at Snow

Snow College students getting together to discuss D&D strategy and topics for the club. Photo courtesy of Caitlin Kelsey.

Like many other colleges in the world, Snow College is home to a wide range of people who come from all walks and ways of life both from around the country and the world. To help students feel more at home and to make connections with those around them the college has many activities, organizations, and clubs.

One such club is the Dier Badger Guild club. A club that is devoted to connecting those who enjoy playing games together.

Particularly of the tabletop RPG variety. One such game they focus on is Dungeons and Dragons, a very popular game for all ages.

When asked why they enjoy playing so much players answered with these quotes,“The ability to create interesting stories” -Treyson Belt “The freedom of the story that it allows, you can become whoever you want and do whatever you want” -Stan Johnson “D&D and Starfinder spark the imagination like nothing else. It allows critical thinking while having the absolute most amount of fun.”

Club activities include teaching newcomers how to play and experienced players how to make and run a game of their own, while helping people find others to get together and play with.

The Dier Badger Guild welcomes all comers.


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