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“Empowerment of Students”

“I think everybody has a story...” Photo courtesy of Kristi Stevens.

Snow College has many professors, but not every student knows about Professor Kristi Stevens and her influence on students.

Professor Stevens is a part of the communication department at Snow College, and an Ephraim resident. Some of the classes she teaches include Intro to Communication and Public Speaking. In her freetime she enjoys hiking, paddleboarding and spending time with her family.

When asked about her favorite part of teaching, Stevens recalled it as being able to interact with students in general. “I think everybody has a story and I like to learn those stories.” She enjoys when her students are able to take over the discussions because they are so excited about the topic being discussed.

Kallie Hamblin who is currently in Stevens’ public speaking class said, “I love how she allows you to feel like you can be yourself in her class.” As a Professor, Stevens invites students to get to know one another through not using their phones in class. This allows students to converse with each other and get more comfortable with each other.

For many students, Stevens’ classes are their introduction into communication courses. Jessica Frederick stated that her favorite part of class was the conversations. “They are so funny and enjoyable.”

Stevens highly recommends that students take public speaking because “it strengthens students so that they have more confidence to express their ideas and helps empower students to learn how to stand up for themselves and speak up.”

As Stevens puts it, “every public speaking class has a personality,” and the students contribute to that personality. Communication is a skill that is used in many majors and students are encouraged to investigate the communication certificate offered here at Snow as they are planning for spring registration.

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